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What Names Did You Like While Growing Up?

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What names did you like while growing up and are you planning to use any of those names now that you're having a kid?

I liked the name Lavender Forest as kid and, 20+ years later, my family still makes fun of me for it.  When Beyonce named her child Blue Ivy around 10 years ago, I was like, "see! I was on to something".

Anyway, I don't plan to use that name, but I'm curious about everyone else.

Re: What Names Did You Like While Growing Up?

  • I liked to write short stories as a teenager. Sadie, Delia, and Madison were a couple of my faves in the 2000’s.
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  • I liked Brook, Samantha, Clover, Clarice, and Madison. I won’t be using any of them.
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  • So, I was obsessed with books as a kid, I remember naming everything Becky after Tom Sawyer’s crush. I also loved Anne-with-an-E from Anne of Green Gables. I was partial to Frank and Joe from the Hardy Boys. (Childhood Secret: Frank Hardy was my first crush.)

    We won’t be using any of these names, as they really aren’t that great. We did, however, consider Henry partially because of Henry David Thoreau. Literary names are cool if you step away from those 3rd-4th grade level books. Lol
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