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Hi all. Does anyone’s bump seem to come and go? I’m 17 weeks with twins and still pretty small. One minute I’ll have a bump but the next it’s almost flat. Is this normal?

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  • I have the opposite problem lol will be 14 weeks with baby #2 and i feel quite large at all times! Starts off a little smaller when i wake up but as soon as i eat i think it’s just pops out!! 
  • I think it’s normal. I still get bloated just like before pregnancy and in early pregnancy. Also when I eat obviously my stomach looks much bigger vs when I get up in the morning. I’m almost 25 weeks and very visibly pregnant at all times at this point. 
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  • This is how I am!! However, I’m not like the comment above. I’m 24 weeks and people still can’t tell I’m pregnant. I just look bloated some days and feel like I have a bump when I lay down but that’s it.
  • Hi! Gracie here 👋 
    I'm 23 weeks today with my 2nd & your post made me feel not alone lol 😆 and honestly I feel smaller with her than with him. So to answer your post,yes this is true for me. 
  • Hi. When I drink a lot of water I look much bigger. After using the bathroom through the night, I barely look pregnant the next morning. I am 22 weeks now, and I am still barely showing, but my appetite recently picked up. I only gained maybe 10lbs in my first 5 months. 
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    Hi! That was me with my first. On to the second now and I'm huge and visibly pregnant to the while world since 13 weeks 🤦 always depends on your frame and how you carry!
  • It’s nice to see I’m not the only one! My bump definitely comes and goes. I’m 18 weeks and can still sleep on my stomach lol I’m also smaller this round than I was in my first pregnancy. I started out 5 lbs lighter this time and I’m guessing that’s why? Thanks for sharing & congrats!
  • Same here! 19 weeks and it all depends on bloat level, what I ate, what time of day. I look most preggo at night. I could totally hide it from strangers. Still sleep on my stomach at times but getting paranoid about whether it's OK. 
  • Same! I’m 14 weeks and see no bump! The morning is like I’m not even pregnant at all, and then come afternoon I just bloat a lot. I want my baby bump!
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