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I just realized we don't have an announcement thread yet!
Has anyone announced or are you going to announce in a cute way? Need ideas? Post here!
Momma to 3 angels and two amazing children
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Re: Announcements

  • I was just looking for ideas. My kids are a little feral and getting them to hold signs is just not going to happen, but I did see one where the kids were sat NEXT to a sign that said "good things come in 3s" and I thought that was pretty cute. Might see if I can get some pretty flowers to put with them too, but then again, my daughter likes to eat them so maybe not XD
    Momma to 3 angels and two amazing children
    F born June 2018
    W born September 2020
    #3 due November 2022
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  • We’re having a 14 week boutique ultrasound on 5/21 to find out the sex, we are telling our kids that morning and then we will do some sort of announcement after. Haven’t really decided how, maybe just shirts or something if we can get them to stay still for a photo but that’s hit or miss. Now just to hide it until then!
  • dzappdzapp member
    I think I’m making  a t shirt that says our little monster coming November 2022 and using this picture . Our family/friends would be confused if we made a normal cute baby announcement 
  • I'll probably get my 4.5 year old a "Big Brother" shirt, and have him pose with our dog, for a low-key Instagram post.
  • Our son wore a T-shirt announcing it to our family Easter. We're having a small brunch with close friends and family for my birthday in a couple weeks and will be doing a gender reveal at that. I haven't decided yet if I want to post anything on social media but if we do, it'll be after the gender reveal.
  • I shared very early with friends and family because it was an IUI pregnancy and they were all already in the loop of my "try" days.

    So I have social media (acquaintances) and work to go. Won't share with work for another few weeks (personal preference, im a single mom through IUI and their are a lot of traditional mind sets at my workplace, just want to delay as long as I can) and of course social media will be after that. Work will be in person with my director first, then with people im closest to one on one, then an announcement at a big meeting. Social media will likely be a simple "coming soon" pic possibly with yhe 20 wk ultrasound. I'm not much into social media so I don't feel a need to make it crazy ^_^
  • We never make a big deal of it. My husband always knows that it’s a possibility and when I’m testing. This time, he actually didn’t exactly know when I was testing. But he told me I should and not to wait longer over the phone, and then I did and told him later that evening after he got home. 

    Children, family, friends, always just a basic “we’re having a baby.” I don’t post much on social media, so it tends to not pop up there until middle of the pregnancy or later, and then its usually just a bump pic and, “we’re having a baby.”
  • sejicasejica member
    I made our social media announcement tonight. I posted this on fb:
    May the 4th be with you.
    Episode IV
    A NEW *lastname*
    Arriving this November

    I wanted to make our driveway into the entire opening crawl from Star wars episode IV A NEW HOPE, but I just didn't have the energy today. This is our 4th baby, so it seemed cute to do it on Star wars day. I did cute pics the last 2 times with me and the 15month old when I was 15weeks, but I messed that up this time as the 'baby' is 17 months old, but I'm only 12 weeks today. Maybe I'll do a 19m/19w here in 2 months, just for tradition sake.
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  • Because this was our first, we told everyone when I was only 3-4 WEEKS! I know, I know. But we just wanted everyone to be along the journey even if it didn’t work out  :#

    we told everyone close to us individually just by mouth & it was so nice seeing everyone’s intimate reactions.

    for social media I’ll be posting on Mother’s Day saying I can’t wait to join the club!  <3
  • @thriftythrift TBH I actually love that you told everyone immediately and that you embrace vulnerability to be able to rely on the people close to you for support if anything happened ❤️

    Primarily I don’t announce early, especially to my parents, because they’ve body shamed me nearly my whole life. I feel like if they knew about my miscarriages, it would induce a slew of pity and conversations to the effect of “eat healthy foods! Gotta stay fit! Go for a run! Are you eating greens and salads? Good girl!” Even though my fertility issues have had literally nothing to do with the size of my body so far.
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  • Finally passed the 12 week mark, made our youngest this shirt today to send out to the family that didnt know yet.  I think we'll use it to make the rest of the kids something too as our "socials" announcement  but who knows
  • baby-h2022baby-h2022 member
    we finally made our announcement this past weekend. We gave our moms a Mother’s Day card with an ultrasound picture in it and said we all know how much you love a home made gift so that is what we did for you this year. 
  • @Gingermom15 we haven't done the "official" announcement yet. We're going to take pictures next weekend and put it together then
    Momma to 3 angels and two amazing children
    F born June 2018
    W born September 2020
    #3 due November 2022
  • Since this is our first we told our parents and siblings soon after finding out (around 3 1/2 weeks). I told my mom and brothers the next day, and my husband's parents and siblings when they were all together a couple weeks after. I made these onsies and we put them in gift bags for our parents. 

    We just recently started telling friends and extended family around 14 weeks, and are still in the process of it. We made custom beer labels to announce to our friends one evening. They said "Baby ____ coming November 2022". They were all so excited and one of the couples are two weeks ahead of us with their due date. :)

  • @mflowers929 if we could get away with not announcing until birth we totally would. But we see family sometimes more than twice a week and it’s starting to become noticeable. We figured at 14 weeks it’s time to tell people other than my workplace 😂 
  • kv3031122kv3031122 member
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    I’m another one who is going to try to wait til birth to tell anyone. Keep it our little surprise as long as possible.
  • My husband is from Germany. Our friends & family all wear Birkenstocks & it’s a little bit of a running joke in our circle. I ordered a little pair of crocheted Birks & shared a picture of them with one of our dogs. 
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