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Low fluid

I am 35+2 and just found out I have normal but low amniotic fluid. Doc said I have to rest all weekend, drink water and rescan in 3 days. 

Anyone have similar situations? 

Re: Low fluid

  • How much is your reading for fluid? Im experiencing the same issue im 31+4… I hope it doesn’t affect baby in anyway 
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    I’m now 37 weeks and got my fluid up to 15 by drinking a lot of water and trying to rest. 

    Drink drink drink! 
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  • I had low fluid with my daughter 4 years ago. I was hooked up to a monitor and made sure baby was okay then the next morning I was admitted for an induction.  She was born 3 days later, very healthy and happy!

    I thought it was my fault; maybe I wasn't drinking enough water or something,  but I found out from ob that no matter how much water I drink that has no bearing on hiw mich fluid I had. The fluids are regulated by the baby (it's their pee). What happened with me was my placenta (I was low for a couple weeks and admitted at 40 weeks) stop working well this is normal that's why full term is anywhere from 37-41 weeks. After a certain time the placenta starts to degrade. I wouldn't worry your ob knows what they're doing, and I'm sure baby is just fine!
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