1st Trimester

New here and very confused.

Yesterday I took multiple different pregnancy tests ranging in all different brands from cvs, equate One Step, and First Response. Most had faint lines. So I took a digital that came in the cvs triple check box and I got a pregnant+. But then my husband gets home and I had went and got a box of Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Tests to take with him and it said Not Pregnant. I took the second CBPT this morning when he left for work and also got Not Pregnant.

Re: New here and very confused.

  • Some tests (especially the digitalis) have different minimum levels of hcg that they detect. Digitals are usually higher than analog, which is why they are considered more accurate. Give it a week and I’m sure you’ll have a clearer answer. For now the testing seems to be causing you stress, so I’d suggest not taking anymore. Today you’re pregnant.
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