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I have twin babies, boy and girl, who are just a few days shy of 3 months old. About a month ago they were both eating 4 oz of formula about every 3 to 4 hours during the day. But within the last weeks they are not eating as much. They eat maybe 2 to 2 1/2 oz at each feeding and then sometimes get hungry like an hour later and want the rest of the bottle or I’ll have to make a new bottle. Their pediatrician says it’s fine as long as they are gaining weight which they are, but it has thrown off their feeding schedule and sometimes they get hungry at different times so I feel like I’m constantly just feeding them. I just wonder if I’m the only one who has experienced this

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  • From what I have gathered from some research and my own baby it seems like they eat less when they have a break in growth spirts. It could also be gas. When my baby is having extra gassy days she pauses her feeds and I burp her and she will continue eating a couple of minutes later. My baby is breastfed so Im not sure how much she eats but I can kind of gauge it based on how empty my breasts get and some days she completely empties me and some days Im afraid she is starving herself. Haha so I definitely think its normal and like your doctor said as long as they are gaining weight I wouldn't worry because they are getting the calories they need each day.
  • I know with my first baby she started to not finish her bottles and she was gaining but not as much as she was. Didn't realize we need to switch the nipple sizes. Not sure if it's that for your LOs.
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  • When my lo has done this I’ve had to try to stretch out her feed again and comfort her some other way like by paci or distraction to get closer to three hours. she has gotten into the cycle where she eats every hour or two hours but it’s not a full feed because she’s that not hungry yet,  so she  doesn’t get enough milk and then she’s hungry again in an hour or two hours. When I try to stretch it back out to three hours that has fixed it because then she gets Full feed
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    I've been mixing breast milk and formula milk to introduce him to a new different taste slowly but still breast pumping everyday to keep my stash full in case he doesn't like a full formula blast.
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