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Tick Tock

Still waiting, but hit 39 weeks today and that's a miracle! I know it could be another week or two, but anyone else going crazy 🤪 with anticipation??

Re: Tick Tock

  • Baby girl arrived tonight 4/19 at 11:23pm. 19 inches and 5 lbs 8 ounces. First time mom.. Came to the hospital approx. 7:30 dilated 1cm. Hour later was at 9!!! No time to think about pain meds. Did take a hit of something the 3rd time they tried to fish out my placenta by hand. Ride of a lifetime! 4:30 am and still can't come down from the high . . . YOU CAN DO IT, LADIES!!!!!
  • That's insane! 1 to 9 within an hour? Jeez! Superwoman over here! Im 39 weeks as of Sunday. Had a membrane sweep done Monday being 1 cm. Lost my plug yesterday. She's sure being stubborn this one!

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  • I hope things are moving along for you! Prayers for a safe and peaceful delivery. 💗🤍💗
  • Any news on your little one?
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