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Nap/feeding apps?

I’ve used huckleberry for my LO’s feeding tracker but was wondering if anyone knows of a better app for eating/sleeping/pumping moms

Re: Nap/feeding apps?

  • Yes! Baby tracker is free and I used it religiously while tracking the feeds (there are a bunch of activities/things you can track with timer options, too)
  • Baby tracker, hands down. 
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  • Baby Daybook is my favorite so far - I’ve tried other popular ones and they just didn’t seem user friendly as this one - you can tracking sleep, breast feed , bottle feeds and breast pumping - you can also log their diaper changes as well.
  • I used Baby Tracker religiously for about three days. I’ve found it much easier to put everything on paper so daddy can keep up easily. We leave a binder on the kitchen table to track everything. I used Microsoft word to make tables and put everything I wanted in it, but Etsy has lots of digital download options for baby trackers (you’d just download and print them) that range from about $1-6 and you can support a small business while getting a cute layout. 
  • PiyoLog is amazing! It’s free and you can log diaper changes (amount of poop and texture), nursing (which side,how long and what order), EBM (how many oz), pumping, weight, medications and all kinds of other things. It’s been a life saver these first three months with my LO and it can even sync up between different devices so both daddy and I can both update overnight changes and see it in the morning and he can keep track while he’s at work. I really recommend trying it out, my pediatrician loves it cause I can print off a summary for her if she needs and it really helped her to see exactly how she was eating those first few weeks
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