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Skull theory

I just got a 16w US ( second time mom here) and will officially find out the gender in a few weeks, but does anyone have experience with the skull theory?? And thoughts on this baby’s skull?? I’m feeling a girl, but have no idea!

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    I just realized I can’t upload a photo & I can’t delete this post, so the question is useless 😅🤦🏻‍♀️
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    At 16 weeks your US might have been able to see the sex.
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    You have an AS coming up.  Just wait a couple of weeks and if babu cooperates, you will know. 
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    katsumiikatsumii Just Joined
    I've heard of the skull theory — online. It's basically just the boxier the skull/jaw, the more masculine the baby probably is, and the rounder the skull/jaw, the more feminine the baby is, right?

    I only have my 12w ultrasound to go by so far (our next ultrasound will be next month at 20 weeks!), and I'm definitely thinking girl!

    I've been thinking/feeling the baby's a girl since Day 1, though. No kidding!

    We'll see, though!

    We plan to wait until birth to find out the gender.

    Until then, I'm just passing time with skull theory and Chinese gender predictors and that sorta stuff.
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