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Plus size maternity clothes

Does anyone have a good recommendation for plus size maternity clothes? Online shopping works for me. 

I've looked on Amazon and they don't have anything at all. I purchased a few that fit but I needed room for the baby to grow so i returned them. I just want a few pairs of shorts and yoga pants. I will probably wear dresses during the summer. 

Thank you in advance for the recommendations 😊

Re: Plus size maternity clothes

  • @mcorinne2404 I've had some luck with Old Navy/Gap as well as with Shein and Pink Blush. Options are limited so it takes some digging.
  • I will say I just bought the roll over linen maternity shorts from Old Navy and holy cow are they comfortable. I don't know if they come in plus sized but they are legit.
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  • @krysnicole1022 ohhh those would probably be good for Disney World right?? We leave in 2 weeks and I realized today that I should probably start thinking about what I’m going to wear 
  • @bows22 they also dry very quickly. I wear their linen shorts often so I was happy to find some for maternity. You can pull them over the belly or roll them under. Very comfortable.
  • @bows22 I just came back from Disneyland and lived in dresses with stretchy shorts underneath. Also started wearing reusable panty liners since all the walking seemed to increase the discharge. Got some extra pillows too so I could elevate my feet in the evenings to help with the swelling. 

    Haven’t bought any plus size maternity clothes yet. Regular plus size outfits are still working for me. Hoping I don’t have to spend too much money on that for a while since, like you said, during the summer I can just wear flowy dresses… but we’ll see! This baby definitely likes their personal space. Can’t handle any pressure on or around my uterus. So if you find any plus size leggings etc. that you love, let a girl know! 🙂
  • I just bought these regular joggers from Athelta in XL and they’re the comfiest ever!! Also gap maternity jeans are pretty good 
  • I’m glad that majority of this pregnancy is in summer so I can do dresses 🤪 I did however buy a pair of maternity  shorts from old navy in an 18 the other day, and they seemed to fit nice. I’m going to Mexico for 3 days next month and will take them with, so hopefully they work as well as planned 🤣
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  • I also got the linen shorts from old navy. I am a normal size 12 and i got them in a large and they were definitely big- i for sure have room to grow into them! I also got nice leggings and shorts from Target that are fitting nicely. 
  • I got the linen shorts too! So comfy.
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