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Boy Name Help!

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Girl names were so easy for us with our daughter. Feeling all the pressure to find the perfect boy name for our son as our May 11th due date quickly approaches. The middle name will be Aurelius by my husband's request- our daughter's middle name is Aurelia (feminine version) and he wanted them to share this.

Names my husband and I can agree on as possibilities are (Last name is two syllables and ends in an S):

-Atlas Aurelius F.
(Too trendy?)

-Rian Aurelius F.
(Is it weird to name them this if I have a cousin named Ryan already?)

-Conlan Aurelius F. 

Thanks to anyone that gives their thoughts! 

Re: Boy Name Help!

  • I have to say I usually dislike alliteration in names, but Atlas Aurelius is adorable and would grow well with him. I’m team Atlas. 

    I’d avoid naming him anything super similar to close family. But it depends on how close you are and if they’re in the same generation. Like, I have a “cousin” named Henry and we still considered Henry for our son because the cousin is my grandmother’s sister’s daughter’s son. So it’s my mom’s second cousin’s kid. We literally see them (maybe) once a year and he’s in my generation, not my son’s. However, I have some first cousins and I wouldn’t name my kid their names because we are much closer. 

    As far as Conlan, I don’t like it personally, but it’s still a cute name. Keep in mind that with an A in the middle you can pronounce CAF. It’s not a bad thing and I can’t think of how it would be made an insult, but I’m not his high school peers. My middle name starts with an A and my initials were TAR… all through high school I got called names because I had a backpack that had TAR embroidered on it. The phrase “tar pit” still brings back cringy memories. 

    Good luck!
  • Atlas or rian!
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  • I need help naming baby boy too.. we have two girls and never struggled to name them. I literally like no boy names. My husband and I really like the name Denver but then started second guessing ourselves. The only other name I have is Lucas 

    His middle name will be casey..
    Denver Casey
    Lucas Casey
    Luke Casey 


  • babycl4babycl4 member
     knottieb4c4fac7a2e41b56 How are you pronouncing Rian? Ree-un or Rye-un
  • jc0820jc0820 member
    @jessieputnam I’m so lucky my husband and I both really like the name Finn and both agreed on it before we even knew what we were having. Otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to agree on another name. Boy names are so hard!! I do really like Denver. You might just have to wait until you meet him to see what you think.
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