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I’m 6 weeks and already this big?!

I’ll be 6 weeks in two days. I can no longer fit my pants and am officially wearing maternity clothes. I started showing at 10 weeks with baby #1, but not like this. I look the same morning, day, and night, regardless of how much I eat. My uterus has already popped outside my pelvis and is very firm. I’ve heard you show earlier with baby #2, and I did show early with baby #1, but I feel like this is still really early. I am not ready for the looks I will get when people ask when I’m due and I say, “December” 🙈 and there’s absolutely no way I can hide this belly for 6 more weeks. The majority of my friends and family already know. 

I am also having lots of weird, new symptoms I didn’t have the first time around. Heartburn, which I didn’t have until the very end of my pregnancy with baby #1, intense hunger and thirst, and I am constantly out of breath and hot, especially if I exert even the smallest amount of energy. 

Is it possible that I could be having twins? I don’t have my first appointment until 10 weeks. 

How early did you show with baby #2? Did you have any of these symptoms and end up being pregnant with twins? Can anybody relate to any of this? I would love to hear your thoughts, perspective, and experiences 🤍

Re: I’m 6 weeks and already this big?!

  • I say you’re having twins!
  • I'm 6 weeks pregnant with my first. My husband thinks I'm showing now but I think I'm chubby from not going to the gym for 2 years. Knowing nothing about pregnancy except what you already said, I think it's just one baby. My sister couldn't hide her 2nd or 3rd pregnancy for 12 weeks because she was showing early.
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  • You are bloated and you tend to "show" a bit sooner with the 2nd.  Or you are a lot further along than you think. See what happens at your appt. 
  • I had twins my first pregnancy and definitely showed a little at 9 weeks, so with it being your second, there's a good chance of that I'd think...🤷
  • My first kids were twins, and I definitely showed early. I thought I was bloating…but nope. Two sacs with two babies equals bigger belly :)
  • I feel like it’s twins lol wishing you all the best!
  • I’m pregnant with baby #2 at approximately 8 weeks and I look exactly like that. I have a lot of bloating though so I just chalked it up to that. I ended up telling people at work this week because I am certain people would start speculating soon lol.
  • I hear u! I am 13 weeks now with baby #2 and i have been saying all along how i am showing WAY quicker this time around. It was a struggle to hide from coworkers til 12 weeks but i managed somehow. This is my stomach now at 13 weeks and i feel like it’s huge. I asked my doctor to check again and make sure it’s not twins lol i feel like the picture isn’t even doing it justice it seems much larger in person!!
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