2nd Trimester

Annoying nausea that comes and goes

Is anyone still having nausea and vomiting? This is a TMI question, but are you vomiting extremely to the point you’re leaking urine? 

Re: Annoying nausea that comes and goes

  • Yupppp. 14 weeks, so still just barely in 2nd tri but yes I am throwing up so hard I’m peeing myself every time. I’m basically stripping down naked and putting a towel under me every time before I puke. It’s violent. I’m so sorry. 
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    Yes, I’m 17 weeks and I still have a day of 3 of vomiting to the point of urination, it’s incredibly frustrating and annoying!
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  • I just did this a couple nights ago! I am 21 woks and out of nowhere I had to suddenly vomit, and so violently that everytime I heaved a small stream of urine came out :/ Definitely not my proudest moment but figured that it was just part of the blessed miracle of pregnancy 😇
  • Yes, 14 weeks right now and every time I throw up I pee a little. I thought it was just me. 😅 I had Zofran and took some just to be able to hold down a meal. It hasn’t been fun.
  • Same!! 14 weeks as well and it's been happening for weeks. It's my least favourite part of pregnancy so far.
  • I feel so seen! I am 25 weeks pregnant and still vomiting. Last week, vomiting made me pee on myself. I couldn’t decide if I should laugh or cry so I did both.
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