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My baby had the most perfect skin 0-4 weeks old. At week five it broke out super bad. I’ve been trying to let it runs it course but seems to be getting worse. I was recommended to try Mustela Microcellar water on his face and now his cheeks are blotched red along with the acne. I know they always say with skin it gets worse before better. Should I just leave it and clean with regular water from his baths or keep going with the microcellar water?! Anyone else have any luck with this? 
My son was born at 39 weeks as well. Thanks!!

Re: Babies face

  • Personally I would not use any products and just let his skin be for fear of making it worse. I've heard some people recommend putting breast milk on it, which is probably the only thing I would consider. Check with your pediatrician if you are concerned but my baby's face definitely got worse before getting better.
  • This topic is also covered in the thread "Help! Princess' skin has a rash" that is found a couple of threads down the list from this one.
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  • We've been using a little corn starch and water. Seems to be working. I'd say apply it.on a small area to see if it works or further irritates the baby's skin.
  • It’s very normal. Just the hormones working their way out of their body. Just ignore it. 
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