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Anyone else having “mild” but pretty consistent cramps? When I’m sitting, it feels like a very light period cramp, when I stand it’s more of a pulling sensation.

Everyone (including my doc) says it’s “normal” but I don’t remember this with my first.


Re: Cramping?!??

  • I've been experiencing some very light cramping as well and I like to think it's the baby snuggling in and getting comfy in there! I wouldn't worry unless it's accompanied by bleeding. It's so hard to stay positive in the first trimester, especially while waiting for the first appointment. 
  • I’ve had some cramping for the past 3-ish days too! I agree with the response above- I keep telling myself as long as it isn’t followed by any bleeding it’s probably fine! Mine has been similar to period cramps, nothing too intense. I know it’s so hard, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much.
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  • I’ve been cramping for the last 5 days. It seems to be worse when I’m sitting down or laying in the fetal position. Everything I’ve read says it’s fairly normal unless their is bleeding or it’s severe. 
  • It’s normal. Just listen to your body and rest. Lots of changes in our bodies going on. ❤️
  • I felt this too last week and it was really consistent but no bleeding, I didn't remember having this with my first pregnancy, but have been told it's probably just the uterus stretching and getting ready to grow the baby
  • Yep! Mine come and go and feel a little more like it’s in a targeted spot than like whole uterus cramps (like they would be pre-period). My sister said that’s a great sign and had that with all 4 of her babies! Like someone else mentioned, I think it’s a sign baby getting really implanted nestled in there ❤️
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