1st Trimester

7 weeks measuring 6?

Hey guys!
Had my first ultrasound today. Should be 7 weeks when calculated by last period but showed at 5+6 to 6+0. There was a gestational and yolk sac but she has me scheduled for a second scan in two weeks. Is this normal? She said not to worry and that I could have ovulated later but all I can is worry 🙃 thanks for any insight in advance.

Re: 7 weeks measuring 6?

  • Listen to what she said, "you may have ovulated later." Unless you were tracking Temps, using OPK you do not know when you truly ovulated.  Trust the person who does this for a living.  If things come up like heavy bleeding, then contact your nurses line.  For now, just trust and wait until the next ultrasound says. 
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