1st Trimester

11 weeks and nonstop nausea

I need help... I am 11 weeks pregnant and cannot eat or drink for the last 3 days. I've been to the doctor, gotten medication metoclo...and still can't keep anything down. Any suggestions?

Re: 11 weeks and nonstop nausea

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    I have found the best solution @ home remedy!

    1/2 unisom tan and a b6 vitamin.

    It helps tremendously during the day. Do not hesitate to take 2 unisom at bedtime. I do at night and it helps me tremendously in the morning. I am a teacher so morning sickness CANNOT happen!
  • Be in constant contact w/ your doctor if it continues.  You may need to be admitted to get fluids as it is possible to get very ill due to nausea, etc. 
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