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Diaper Keg/BBQ

Can I plan my own diaper keg/BBQ?
It would likely be at our house or at the firehall where my husband volunteers.
I just want to get stocked up on diapers for baby #3 (since we truly don’t need much) and celebrate with family and friends.

Re: Diaper Keg/BBQ

  • oli9oli9 member
    edited April 2022
    I planned an entire baby shower for my fourth baby because the age difference of my third and fourth was about 6 years and I had nothing! I asked a few friends if they thought it was tacky that I was planning my own shower for a fourth child and everyone said that rule of etiquette is out-dated and people just like attending these events and having a reason to shop for babies. 59 people showed up to my self planned shower and I even had a diaper raffle. I got everything I needed and more plus a ton of diapers! I say plan your own diaper keg/bbq and don’t worry about it. People will love it! 
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