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Glucose Tolerance Test


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  • @velvetblue88 Boo for daily pokes.  :/ It will all be worth it in the end though.
  • @velvetblue88 - boo on daily sticks but love the positive approach to it! You’re already taking such great care of yourself and baby, the more knowledge in hand to do more of that makes it even better!

    @bumblebee0210 - THIS! As a member of the “im 26 weeks and still vomiting daily” club, I couldn’t have said it better. I actually was talking to one of the nurses at my docs office about how frustrating it was that it was a pass/fail system. 
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  • @bumblebee0210 thank you for saying that. I “failed” the screening but you’re Rught. I didn’t personally do anything wrong, it’s just my body’s reaction to sugars during pregnancy, which happens often enough that they make us all do a screening! 
    I’m still waiting on my OB office to call to review the results although at this point I wonder if they’ll just wait until my appt later this week. 
  • Failed my 1 hour yesterday and definitely feeling bummed out. It's hard not to feel like it's your fault with the terminology. 3 hour test next Friday. Hoping the lab tech does better than yesterday's who had to poke both arms to get blood. 
  • Also “failed” my 1 hour yesterday. Going for 3 hour on Monday. I good luck to you!
  • Did the 1-hour @ 29 weeks on Monday and was told to not eat after midnight before my appointment (which was at 9 am). I accidentally fasted for like 19 hours since I had a big brunch on Sunday and by the time I was hungry, it was time to go to sleep.

    I got my results back and I passed with a 131 (140 and over meant I failed). I was afraid to fail this one because the poke actually hurt compared to other blood draws I’ve had lol.

    I had the clear orange drink and honestly it tasted good to me. People told me to get fruit punch instead because orange was the worst but I’m glad I chose it!! Only complaint was that it feels like forever to finish that little bottle.
  • pjs299pjs299 member
    I failed the first test, but I'm taking the 3 hr one in a couple days. I hope I pass. This pregnancy has been the most difficult thing I've ever gone through. I can barely eat food let alone now need to monitor my sugar. But, I'm already on so many medications and supplements what's one more test. 😞
  • Failed 1-hour last Wednesday - drink wasn’t so bad, it was refrigerated and the orange flavor reminded me of Hi-C. 

    Took 3-hour tolerance test this morning at 9AM after having fasted for 11 hours. Only the fruit punch flavor was available and it wasn’t refrigerated, felt nauseous in the first hour. Blood was drawn 4 times (baseline, then every hour after). In between draws, I was told not to walk around too much (either sit in the waiting area or the car) and no food/drink that includes water.

    Went shopping with DH afterwards and within the hour I felt shaky and started sweating profusely. My feet felt a bit tingly too. My energy was suddenly drained, I had to find the nearest seat to sit down. When we got back to the car, luckily I brought some Brassroots Sacha inchi seeds (high on protein) so I pretty much ate the whole bag - felt better. Still felt a bit weak to walk. Got home few hours later, showered, finally had my first real food of the day (egg burrito), suddenly feeling a bit nauseous again. Now I’m just completely drained and will probably recover on the couch rest of the evening. 😮‍💨 Anyone experience something similar?

    For those who are scheduled for 3 hour test, hope you don’t experience what I went through today! I would suggest bringing snacks and water for right after the last draw just in case.
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