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Middle Name?

Any ideas for middle names to go with Devin? 

Re: Middle Name?

  • Firstly, What kind of names do you like? 

    Second, think of what you want it to sound like. Two syllables would be best (in my opinion) and you want to avoid anything ending with “in” (Jordan, Austin). I think a name with “ee” (is that a long E? Mom brain lol) at the end would sound good. You may also want to avoid the same short E as heard in “Dev” (Henry). So think of names like Casey or Riley. A name that ends in “er” like Parker would sound nice too!

    Also, watch out for names that start with a vowel because then you can pronounce the initials. I was TAR growing up and no high school girl wants “TAR” written on her backpack. Also, some initials can spell curse words. So keep that in mind, too. 
  • dkismedkisme member
    This is very good, so informative.  We have been struggling to come up with first names at all so I appreciate your feedback greatly! Thank you! 
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  • Is it for a boy or girl? I agree to avoid rhyming the names. 
    Maybe something that ends in and “s” “er” or “ee/ey” as stated previously. James, Oliver, Anthony, Miles, Brody, Nicholas. 
    Devin is a really cute name though! 
  • dkismedkisme member
    Great suggestions again, thank you! Actually, after talking it over today, we are likely going with Devin James! I'm glad to see it in your suggestion list because it validated to me that it goes together as well as I think it flows. 
  • dkismedkisme member
    PS... it's for a boy. My daughters name is Ava Dean. 
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