1st Trimester

Anyone have low hcg / progesterone?

This is my second pregnancy, my first was around this time last year and I miscarried in July.

I got my bfp on 12dpo and called my doctors office and they had me come in that same day for labs. My hcg on 12 dpo was 7.2. They then had me come in again 48 hrs later on 14 dpo and my hcg was 17.7. The numbers doubled… but aren’t these really low numbers? The doctor also mentioned my progesterone was low at 8.79 so she put me on progesterone pills through 12 weeks.

Has anyone had a similar story with a good outcome? I hate that I have to wait until 8 weeks to know anymore about what’s going on.

Please let this be my rainbow baby 🥺🌈

Re: Anyone have low hcg / progesterone?

  • I’m currently 8 weeks and low key stressing over the same thing. At 6 weeks I was prescribed progesterone because my levels were at a 7 when they were supposedly supposed to be at 11. I’ll be taking the progesterone until my 10 week ultrasound. I’m stressed and anxious about this too. I know it’s not much help, but at least you’re not alone!
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