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Crying over dumb stuff

Anyone else crying over dumb stuff yet? I was craving a pb&j all day, so hubby started to make one for me (so sweet this man) and the smell of the light pb made me gag. He switched to the regular and it was fine until the jelly. All of them smell too sickly sweet. I started bawling bc all I want is a pb&j sandwich and I can't have one. 

Anyone else having these moments? Just me?

Re: Crying over dumb stuff

  • I’ve had at least one food-related meltdown so far when there were a couple of meals in a row that I just couldn’t enjoy and I tried to explain the situation to my husband (who has done everything in his power to help, poor guy) and ended up getting really emotional over it 😅 My biggest issue has been having a way shorter fuse though, my patience gets worn out super fast all week and I’m trying to just stay cool. 
  • I cried SO hard yesterday looking at a baby book on Amazon—I am thinking I might announce my pregnancy to my family with baby books they can read to the first niece/nephew/grand baby. I got to a book called “Auntie Loves You!” with bunny characters and I just lost it thinking about my sister sharing it with baby. 😭💗
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  • @bunniecee I have been so snippy!! I’m trying to keep it in check but glad to know I’m not the only one!
  • ajp53ajp53 member
    I cried because my takeout food I’ve been craving wasn’t good. like what? LOL
  • lulam13lulam13 member
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    Reasons I’ve cried this past week:
    -an organ donor commercial on the radio
    -we ran out of hot cheetos
    -got a pregnancy journal
    -any tv montage with music playing over 
    -I was so eravenous I ordered four different dinner entrees for takeout and could only eat a bite of each (cried when I picked them up because I was so excited then cried again after I realized I got full and queasy so fast)
    Thank goodness my boyfriend is so sweet! He just hugs me while I cry then makes me laugh!
  • I did some writing for my friends’ business that just had their grand opening today. They had a piece of my writing on the wall and when I saw it I about lost it. It was already special, but the hormones really got me. Oh and my mom sent me a book about introducing baby to your fur babies and I lost it. I’m not a cryer. Like at all. It appears as though my cold heart is warming 😂
  • @lulam13 this sounds like me.
    I had a meltdown at my husband because I have all these symptoms and he doesn’t. I have so much gas pain at night and he farted and I got jealous and cried.
    I watched a movie with pregnant ladies and bawled my eyes out.
    I saw a mug with something mother on it
    Every time I think about finally being a mom I cry.
    My dog put his head on my belly and I cried.

    It’s been fun. Lol.
  • Yes 6w1d and all week 5 I cried over happy commercials anytime I saw a baby or just thinking about my daughter becota big sister.
  • Had anyone seen Old Enough on Netflix yet? That show has me melting down in tears. 
  • I cried because the only thing I could stomach was not what I wanted to eat. 
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