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Hello, im new here, congrats to all!! Having a baby is so exciting! I thought I was done with mine being 13, 14 and 15...whew here we go again! So I'm new to the whole HCG testing they are doing. I found out I was preggers by going to a walk in after missing my monthly, they sent me for a blood test and when they got it back the results were "greater than 3500" and the nurse was putting me at 4 to 5 weeks...making me 6 weeks now but what I dont understand is how my LMP was Jan does that make me only 6 weeks? I'm so confused...with my LMP it makes my due date Oct 14...idk! Nothing is adding up!! Does anyone have any experience in this stuff? Please help me ease my mind!! Thanks yall!

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    I could wrong but if you ovulated later the timing estimate could be right. They should know better once you’ve had an ultrasound 
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    Thank you very much for your response! I'm not really sure about when my ovulation occurs. I'm hoping they do an ultrasound when I go to the doctor on the 13th. When I was younger having kids they never did this hcg testing and if they did they didn't tell me. I only found out how far I was based on my LMP and a vaginal ultrasound. All of this is new to me again since it's been 14 years since I was last pregnant! We shall see though, the 13th isn't too far from now!
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    I’ve had HCG tested but I don’t think they have used it to date the pregnancy so that seems strange. I think you can look at whether HCG is in the normal range depending on LMP or ovulation date, but usually dating would be based on LMP and ultrasound.
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