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What my pregnant self is eating - April

Banana, apple sauce, potato chips, pretzel sticks, bread, noodles, potato. That is all. No meat or veggies, I can't do it.

Re: What my pregnant self is eating - April

  • I haven’t had any aversions yet but I definitely want everything that’s unhealthy right now. Within five minutes I couldn’t decide if I wanted hot wings, cheese fries, pizza, or Alfredo pasta 🤪 went with pizza though it upset my stomach immediately afterward 😭
  • @robbinsegg317 oh I will eat unlimited cheese fries. 
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  • Still really struggling with lack of appetite and food aversions. Now down 12lbs and getting worried that I'm just not eating enough. My coworker recommended I supplement with nutritional shakes for a bit and gave me a spare she had, which I tried today. The fact that I'm sick isn't helping. I did have a big craving for pho today though, so I ordered some that was fantastic. Also, the coconut flavour of Melona (Korean popsicles) is fantastic.
  • My nausea is pretty much gone, so I think I’m past the mashed-potatoes-and-cheese-quesadillas-only diet I was rocking for a while. Still not feeling spicy food though. 

    @krthouse I’m also still struggling with appetite at 13 weeks. I feel like I’m getting enough during the day, but evening hits and I sit down to dinner and I just can’t finish more than a few bites. Hoping that I’ll get my appetite back soon.

    I’ve been LOVING those little mandarin orange snack cups lately. (I get giant box of the members mark brand from sams club.) They’re refreshing and sweet, plus some good vitamin C. Also the “baked” versions of lays chips are giving me the snacky crunch I want without the oiliness of chips making me feel yucky. The baked Cheetos are especially satisfying.
  • @nerdymom22 YES the baked Cheetos are so good. It was all I could do not to grab a giant bag of them at Target yesterday. I already had 2 bags of PopCorners (also amazing) in my cart so I had to resist. 
  • @EmilyE13 Ooo I’ll have to give PopCorners a try!
  • I'm still on ALL the citrus fruits and have definitely gotten my vitamin C via loads of grapefruits and oranges each week.  I can also eat grapes by the pound too!

    So far I haven't been craving any sweets or spicy food (my usual go-to...)

    I'm not usually a chips person, but I did have a whole bag of potato chips the past couple of days.  

  • I’m craving citrus too! And then basically anything cold & fruity (grapes, even jell-o haha)
  • @bows22 now Jello sounds so good!
  • pangolindromepangolindrome member
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    Shelled edamame with Lotus Foods gf ramen squares and some Bitchin’ almond chipotle sauce. So good.
    Also enjoy shelling edamame. They are truly nature’s stress toy.
  • @sandy5693 my mom watches DD at our house 2 days a week and I told DD to tell my mom that she wanted to make jello. I’ve eaten most of it hahaha. It’s so much better when you make it versus the individual cups you can buy already made. 
  • I have been craving fruit since the first three weeks, strawberries and bananas at first. Now also preaches, peaches, pears, strawberries, orange juice, yogurt and cheese sticks! I also have lost about 5 lbs, so far. I’m eating, nauseated in the mornings, but mostly snacking throughout the day. 
  • I finally wanted something! Yesterday I had a sudden breakfast craving for muffins so I made a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip and they turned out fantastic. Breakfast foods have been a struggle so I'm glad to have a yummy option I can change up flavour-wise batch to batch. Also loving a London Fog.
  • I caught the vicious stomach bug going around from DD2 and haven’t eaten anything since yesterday afternoon. 😩
  • @EmilyE13 Oh noooooooo. Get well soon, mama
  • @EmilyE13 hope it passes quickly!
  • @krthouse @sandy5693 thanks, ladies. I have managed to avoid puking more since last night’s bathroom time violence, but I still feel like garbage. At least the water is staying down so far. 
  • @EmilyE13 that sounds miserable. I hope you feel better soon. 
  • Am I weird for having almost no nausea first trimester? I feel for the moms who deal with this though. I've gained a lot of weight already..I eat just about anything but really into tex mex. I knew I was pregnant before I could even take a test bc I craved Taco Bell and I had REFUSED to eat there for maybe 15 years LOL. 
  • @moogieks not weird, I had zero nausea in my first tri with my first. And then around 20 weeks I randomly started puking, so hopefully that doesn’t happen for you haha. 
  • @moogieks I barely had any nausea with my first, tons this time that only recently let up. Every pregnancy is different!
  • @moogieks i am still not able to eat alot and have been horribly sick for the 1st tri but im absolutely craving Mexican- im not eating it because throwing up Mexican is horrible but I really want to eat it. 
  • @krthouse that sounds amazing. With my 2nd I craved Asian food my entire pregnancy. Thai, Chinese, Korean…I wanted it all. 
  • I love Thai food. We don't have a good place around here. I can't eat Mexican food and it's killing me a little bit because that's my favorite. My current craving is falafel. I haven't eaten falafel in more than a decade at least but I found a place nearby. It's finally open today so hopefully I can fulfill this craving.
  • We got the chicken bites from Costco, just plain, cooked, cubed chicken breast, and we’ve both been having it for lunch with teriyaki sauce and rice. It turns out about as good as mid-range teriyaki places. 
    Also Aidell’s teriyaki chicken meatballs and the chicken hamburger patties from Costco. He adds Sriracha and brown sugar for mine and it’s SO GOOD.
    Apparently I’m all about the chicken right now.
  • I was craving queso badly so I was searching for Mexican restaurants near my office to see if there was someplace I could get some and now I can’t stop thinking about Taco Bell quesaritos 😩. I hope something else starts sounding good in the next hour because I think I’ll regret it if I go with that!
  • Oh I just ate a jar of queso so I hear you on this. I definitely regretted getting Taco Bell the last time  I got it while pregnant. 
  • Update: I caved and went to Taco Bell, but they no longer have quesaritos? So I ordered something else but I think my stomach will survive
  • My absolute favorite thing at Taco Bell is the spicy potato soft taco. It's so good. When they got rid of potatoes I stopped going. I went back the day they brought them back. Haha. Taco Bell is the most vegetarian friendly fast food so I'm a fan. We just don't have one close by. 

  • I made salad pizza last night, sooooo gooood. https://pinchofyum.com/chopped-salad-pizza  It’s basically just a chopped greek salad on top of a big ol slice of pizza (I prefer white pizza for this, just mozzarella, Parmesan, and a little garlic or garlic powder). We’re vegetarian so we just do romaine, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas pepperoncini, olives, and feta. I recommend going to your favorite pizza place and asking if they’ll sell you a ball of dough, most will and it’s so much better than the grocery store. (Although I live in New Haven, Ct so I’m pretty spoiled for pizza:)
  • I am really into toast with peanut butter, fruit and honey. Very good and filling. 
  • Whole grain peanut butter toast with honey and apple is one of my go to snacks before bed.so good 
  • @bows22 they have Quesaritos on app ONLY...I know this from experience. They also can grill a burrito if you say you're pregnant and they are nice enough haha. 
  • Oreos. And Klondike bars. I can’t stop!

    My food aversions are mostly gone but I’ve never been a big meat eater especially red meat so tofu and kimchi soup as well as home made egg drop soup with tomato have been my favorites. 

    Finally gained my first 1.5 lbs at week 16 (in total I’m still down 4) so don’t worry ladies, we have plenty of time left to gain. 
  • Meanwhile I'm up 9. 🤣🤣🤣 I retain so much water and literally don't sweat while pregnant so I just swell. I did yard work in sunny 80 degrees today and not a drop. Ridiculous.
  • @moogieks  oh good to know! The person I ordered from did go check with someone who said they didn’t have them so I knew there must be more to the story. I wonder if they just take more time so they try to avoid making them  
  • @bows22 I think only some of the places make them. I'm looking into this right now because it sounds good. Lol
  • Okay so I can order it in most places but some of them don't allow it. 🤷‍♀️
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