1st Trimester

Prescribed terconazole

Hello! I’m only 10 weeks but have a YI and have been prescribed terconazole (which if you Google says DO NOT take first trimester) I’ve had two miscarriages and have never made it this far. Has anyone taken this medication (vaginal use)? Very scared

Re: Prescribed terconazole

  • It says, " it should not be used in the first trimester of pregnancy unless the potential benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus."   Your provider feels that this is true.  If you have concerns you can talk to the pharmacist or with abd call your nurses line on Monday. 
  • Over the counter monistat is proven safe (the seven day) so unless the infection is severe I would ask if that's another option. It's possible it's too severe for OTC.
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