2nd Trimester


Hi there! So I am in my 2nd Tri at 18 weeks and can not stop sneezing. I wake myself up at night sneezing which makes my round ligament pain excruciating. I mean, if I cough too hard it brings on a round of sneezing. I’m just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this and if it is normal?


  • Sounds like nast allergies that are happening right now.  Talk w/ your doctor and see what they say.  
  • @harpseal135 Thanks I believe you are right since where I live we are having an early spring:) I checked my list of safe allergy medicine to take and settled on one. If you are familiar with any that may have worked for you in the past I’m all ears :)
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  • hi!  starting at around 18 weeks I experienced the same thing. I started sleeping with a box if kleenex by my bedside and often a loose kleenex on my pillow for the sudden runny nose or sneezing in the middle of the night. in fact,  I didn't leave home without my box of kleenex lol. I'm currently 22 wks and happy to say it's improved, although not entirely gone. I regularly have seasonal allergies and pet allergies to Noth my dog and cat, and it seems they are just heightened a lot. as far as my doctor says, this is totally normal. it helps to wash bedding, run air cleaners, use a neti pot/ saline nose spray etc. and nettle tea is also beneficial and safe for pregnancy. hope this helps and you get some relief soon!
  • @knottie7fb18b78e549a7e8 Thanks so much!!! I have never tried a Nettie pot before so I will have to look into that but you can bet your sweet tuckus Ill be getting some nettle tea :) Thanks for the advice and also the hopes that it will improve! Have a blessed day❤️
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