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My baby grunts a lot after feeds, during sleep. I feel like he’s eating fine and burping/ farting okay but he grunts A LOT since birth. 5 weeks old

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  • Mine is like this too. I’ve been assuming it’s acid reflux. Following to see if anyone has any other ideas! 3 weeks old
  • My baby (now 11 weeks) did the exact same thing and I didn’t expect it - he was so loud! The pediatrician said it was normal and he has mostly outgrown it as this point. Try to get as much gas out of your baby as you can especially if you’re putting him/her down after eating. But of course talk to your pediatrician with any specific concerns. 
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  • arianaandrewsarianaandrews Just Joined
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    My baby is a grunter too 😭
    Is everyone else experiencing a baby who is grunting and fussing loudly every 2-5 minutes for an entire 1.5 hour nap? We’re at 7 weeks
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    My baby has been grunting since about 3 weeks, as well (now 6 weeks). He's also having trouble pooping. Dr doesn't seem to be alarmed, as he is still "growing his gestational walls". He is also having trouble pooping because of this (and from taking in formula and breast milk nutrients). I find that swaddling him acts as kind of a "tummy binder" to help add pressure against the walls. And, I give him a binkie to focus on sucking instead of grunting. I hope this helps.
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