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Anterior placenta

First time mom/pregnancy, found out I have an anterior placenta. I’m 20 weeks 1 day and haven’t felt strong movement from my baby yet. Has anyone else experienced this and when did you feel the first kicks?

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  • Anterior here. 20 week and 5 days. Second pregnancy. I feel lots of flutters but nothing too strong. My dr doesn’t have me counting kicks until 28 weeks. 
  • I had an anterior placenta and didn't feel strong movement for most of my pregnancy.  I was never able to have enough consistency to complete kick counts. I could feel him mostly when he kicked my bladder.  I didn't have that magical moment when my husband was able to feel him kicking even when I was 40 weeks.  I was having weekly ultrasounds for other reasons towards the end of my pregnancy and that provided reassurance.  Hopefully you will feel something soon, but for my experience, I didn't really feel too much movement.  Just FYI- he was 7.5lbs, so not super tiny.  
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  • Thank you both for your reply! Hopefully I’ll start feeling something soon. 
  • I had anterior placenta for my first pregnancy and don’t think I felt anything definitive till after 23w or so. A few flutters here and there before that, but not a lot. 
  • I believe that I had an anterior placenta with my first 2 babies but know for sure that I do with this pregnancy. I’m 21+5 currently and feel flutters if the stars align and baby is in the perfect position. It can be so stressful not knowing for sure and I’ve definitely had my share of freak outs. 
  • Hello! Also a first time mom and found out a week ago that I also have an anterior placenta. I’m 22 weeks and 3 days along and I’ve felt flutters and a noticeably different “pressure” when baby girl moves, but nothing distinct. Since it is my first, I don’t know anything different which makes it easier to deal with. It saddens me that my husband may not be able to feel her little kicks as easily though. Hopefully as time goes on she’ll she easier to feel!
  • I have anterior too. I'm 25 weeks and since 23 weeks I have been feeling my boy move a LOT. I am actually grateful I have the buffer of my placenta because I can't imagine how uncomfortable I would be if he was moving this much with my placenta in the back. Once they get stronger you'll feel it more.
  • Anterior placenta here too. 18 weeks and nothing. My OB thinks I must be feeling "flutters" and not noticing. I really don't think so though, and her comment is making me worry. This thread makes me feel a bit better! I asked the U/S tech if the placenta was off to the side or anything, and she was like nope, right in front. So I'm wondering if it's just totally covering anywhere I'd feel movement.

  • I can still see lots if movement with my anterior placenta.  I'm 25 weeks. Just be patient and try some fizzy drinks! It gets baby dancing 
  • 22 weeks here with an anterior placenta. I was surprised to hear that I am anterior as I've felt movement for a couple weeks. It started more internally but now it is visible kicks. Try drinking something cold and sweet; also lying on your left side promotes movement from baby. Give it some more time as your babe gets bigger and stronger.
  • 21 weeks today, FTM, anterior. I've been feeling flutters (feels a little like Poprocks got lost in there) once or twice a week since week 18. Today I had my first definitive swift kick on the right side. All the other sensations have been on the left and mostly between 4am and 5am.

    Here is the tricky part which I just learned about this week: Your baby sleeps most of the time when you are up and moving because the motion puts baby to sleep, and baby will get bored and move around more when you are sleeping. That can make it difficult to notice. I have definitely been mistaking what I've been feeling for muscle spasms and my own heartbeat.
  • Updating at 20 weeks (I posted at 18). I think I am actually feeling flutters now, but no kicks. While I should be happy for the flutters, it's causing more stress when a day goes by without them! I am worried I'll never be able to do "kick counts" and have a stressful rest of the pregnancy!
  • I’m 19+5, FTM with an anterior placenta too. I was able to feel baby move for sure just last week, 18 weeks. Before that it was just rare flutters.
  • 21 +2 . Anterior and low lying placenta. I want to call them bubbles more than flutters but even that doesn't describe it. Sometimes when lying on left side and after dinner. Very faint though. 
  • I had anterior with my 2nd pregnancy and did not feel noticeable movement until 23 weeks, considerably later than in my first pregnancy. 19 weeks with baby 3 and anterior again. May have felt a few flutters but nothing  distinguishable that made me say oh yeah that was a kick. With my 2nd I was able to feel fairly consistent movement eventually but it was definitely muted compared to my first. 
  • I’m 13weeks and started feeling intense flutters and bubbles yesterday all day and today nothing. Also anterior placenta. I’m hoping she’s okay in there
  • I also had an anterior placenta and didn't feel anything until 23 weeks or so. By the end of the pregnancy, the movements were quite strong, so just hold tight a little longer.
  • I am a FTM, 25w with an anterior placenta. I started consistently feeling flutters around 21 weeks and as of a week or two I am feeling kicks, punches, headbutts extremely consistently. Baby is a very active little human.
  • STM, both pregnancies I have had an anterior placenta. First time, I didn't feel much movement until 22-24 weeks. Now 20 weeks with baby 2 and I started feeling flutters around 13-14 weeks and stronger kicks around 18 weeks but still not consistently.
  • savbaksavbak member
    Mine is anterior and low lying ( last ultrasound report - 21w even said marginal previa - which is freaking me out a bit). I felt the first kick between 20-21 weeks. Now I can see some movement too. Sometimes the kicks are strong, it feels nice and weird at the same time. ☺️
  • Update at 25 weeks. I posted at 18 & 20. Finally feeling more "regular" movements. But still have blocks of time that go by with seemingly nothing. No longer just flutters, now actually kicks--I guess. Can sorta/kinda see from outside when lucky. Husband hasn't been able to feel from outside, but I think he could if we caught it at the right time..
  • 16 weeks, FTM, and was experiencing quite a bit of flutters the last two weeks! However now these last few days it’s significantly less and it worries me a little.
  • Weird question, maybe, but does having an anterior placenta affect the shape/size of the bump, and/or how soon to expect the belly to show?
  • I felt him move a little as early as 14/15 weeks! It was just flutters then. I didn't feel any really strong movements until I was 21 weeks. Little man went crazy after some root beer lol. I also didn't know I had an anterior placenta until 24 weeks. Apparently he is very active 
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