2nd Trimester

Lower Back Pain at 25 Weeks

Just curious if anyone else is getting AWFUL back pain right above your tailbone. I’m 25 weeks, so only a few left until 3rd trimester. I’m guessing it’s just my body starting to hurt but man, it’s rough. 

Re: Lower Back Pain at 25 Weeks

  • I’m 21 weeks and I’m feeling that now and then. Overall very achy on my back/hips. I find yoga stretches help, especially if you can do it regularly. I hear baths also offer a nice relief. I think I’ll try that soon. Hope you feel better!
  • I'm only 17 weeks and my back hurts already! But I have a chronic bad back due to an old work injury. lol
    Agree with @arimelo, yoga for sure helps! A lot of back issues stem from tightening in your hamstrings and legs, I'd suggest stretching those if you can. 
    The best thing that works for me and what works now with the baby, is walking. Get some nice comfy and supportive walking shoes and just walk for like 20 minutes a day. 
    Because of my issues, I also have a supportive cushion that I sit on at work, if I'm not standing, since I'm at my desk all day. They have the ones that help keep the pressure off your lower back, got mine on amazon. I find that during this pregnancy its helped a lot already. Especially if I'm sitting on it with good posture too. 

    Im dreading getting bigger cause I know my back will be a mess. >.< Trying to take all the preventive measures now haha
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