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2nd Trimester

Headaches and Reflux

Is anybody feeling really bad headaches at your 16th week. The type of headache that dont let you do anything plus reflux every time you eat? :(

Re: Headaches and Reflux

  • I'm 15 and 2 with twins and have had a horrible headache for 4 days, though its partly sinuses. And amen on the reflux. I've been looking for prenatal massage in my area to see if that will help with the headache. If you're worried, listen to your gut, and it doesn't hurt to call your doc. 
  • The only time I’ve had a headache that bad in my life, I had covid. My doctor told me Tylenol is safe in pregnancy so that’s what I used to help ease it. Maybe consider getting tested? That was my only symptom. 
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  • My doctor put me on butal for migraines they have been pretty rough
  • Agree with @paytonpedro on the Covid headache. That was brutal and I get migraines a lot- pregnant and not pregnant. 

    This is my first pregnancy where I’ve not had bad migraines (with the exception of the Covid migraine). My doctor has prescribed me reglan to take with Tylenol and she’s prescribed Tylenol with codeine. Neither compare to my sumatriptan that I take when I’m not pregnant, but I felt like the reglan worked a little better than the Tylenol with codeine. Hope you feel some relief soon if you haven’t already!
  • I’ve been having some headaches in second trimester. One lasted three days. Most last 6-8 hours and Tylenol helps as much as I don’t want to take it. Hope they stop soon. 
  • I also had a couple 3 day long headaches in the beginning of second trimester. I think I was a little dehydrated though. Stay on top of fluids! 
  • Reflux just started at 17 weeks. Awful!
  • Reflux is normal. I’d have to have tums after I’d eat. I would call your doctor about the headaches just to be safe. 
  • I have experience with both migraines and reflux even pre-pregnancy. The headaches/migraines respond well to intentionally hydrating. Like making hydration my job. That probably helps with reflux too. But I have also found various stretches and positioning (yoga type poses) help with reflux in the moment. And tums!
  • Just a few weeks into the second tri and I had a headache for 4 days straight. And then I would randomly get a headache in the evening. Tylenol wouldn't even touch it and neither did drinking a TON of water. 
  • Papaya enzymes for reflux! 
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