3rd Trimester

Labor soon?? Warning. tmi.

I am 37 weeks. 3 cm dilated and -1 stationed. 
I did get my cervix checked today in the morning. 
Before going to bed I noticed what looked like my bloody show. So I'm pretty sure baby is ready? Is this a good sign? I know getting your cervix checked can cause bleeding but this wasn't spoyting this was a string of mucus with part of it being blood tenged. 

Re: Labor soon?? Warning. tmi.

  • It may or may not.  It could be just from the cervix check.  Just watch for other signs of labor.  
  • That’s sounds exactly like what it looks like after you get your cervix checked actually. Fwiw, I was in the same position as you and walked around like that for 4 more weeks. I had to be induced at 41+4. You will know without a doubt when baby is ready, just hang in there. 
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