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Unloving family

Im currently 13w pregnant . My dad asked to borrow my credit to help him get a lower rate on a car before I was pregnant . He told me would only make 2 month payments then pay it off . When I found I was pregnant it had been past that point I talked to him n my mom asking if they could do what they initially said since I was going to buy my own vehicle . I told him maybe my older brother ( who is 32 and lives at home still n pays no bills ) could help . His response was I don’t like to affect my kids with my financial things …, like okkk? So what am I ? .. talked to my mom the next day about how it made me feel she said oh your just pregnant . Fast forward to me getting my blood results for nipts n gender . Told my brother younger one , hey planning my gender reveal could you try to get off work earlier ?.. proceeds to tell my mom .. my mom texts me , hey you are not supposed to he doing your reveal so early . Just wait . Brother says work is busy on weekends ( not bothering to at least ask ) prob won’t make it .. I don’t understand why they can’t be happy and excited for me ??;(

I will say my partner and his family are so happy n excited for us !!
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