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Hello! We have a first name for a boy, one syllable. So, I wanted a three-syllable middle name--ideally with emphasis on the second syllable. This is quite limiting, I know. Front-runner right now is Leander. I like Sebastian, but it's a little too popular, and hubby doesn't like it at all. 

Thoughts/associations with Leander? Any others with emphasis on second (can't start with C or E).

Re: Middle Name Leander

  • Leander sounds ok. My first thought is that it is perhaps your maiden name since I’ve never heard of it as a first name. I’d lean toward Sebastian for that reason.
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  • Leander is not my style at all, so personally not a fan.

    You could literally just google 3 syllable boys names…
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  • Leander is ok but not really my style. Maybe it reminds me of Leanne and feels feminine. It's hard to think of 3 syllable options with emphasis on second syllable but try:


    is the second syllable emphasis a must?

  • Leander makes me think of Oleander. Lysander is cool if you like Shakespeare. It's Greek in origin and means "liberator". It's a name outside of Shakespeare but I think that's what most people will think.  Leander does mean Lion Man/Brave Man which is pretty cool. It's a middle name so go wild honestly. We named our daughter after a Greek goddess and we've gotten a ton of shit and her name is mispronounced constantly. I still absolutely love it and don't really care what people think about it. If you love it then go for it. It's not an unusual name.
  • I like it a lot! Nice rhythm, offers nicknames (Leo, Andy). 1) Leander is a fast-growing town in Central Texas, NW of Austin. Named for Leander "Catfish" Brown! That's what I'd think of first -- I'd assume a family connection to the area. 2) It would also make me think of the tragic Greek myth of Hero and Leander (lots of art and music inspired by this).
  • I really like Leander and I know a couple of boys with this as their first name. Great associations. Would have considered it for our son if it wasn't so close to my first name. Not very common in North America though (the ones I know are Scandinavian), but that's why it's great as a middle as you don't call him with the full name the whole time/people will be less confused.
  • I also have the classic Greek association a previous poster mentioned. Definitely not a fad.
  • Is leander nautical? We have a boat club with that same name. Um 

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