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Discharge or Mucus Plug?

Hello all,

I am 19+3 today. DH and I had intercourse last night, and today I am having an abundance of CM that from what I can tell, resembles a mucus plug. This is my rainbow baby pregnancy so I’m not sure what is considered normal or not.
It looks jelly-like, pale yellow and there is a lot of it. I don’t have any blood with it or contractions, but it looks like all of the photos online of a mucus plug. I left a message to my OB, but it could be days before I hear back.
Would be grateful to any thoughts or advice from you mommas. Thank you in advance!

Re: Discharge or Mucus Plug?

  • Discharge. And even if it is your mucus plug, it can regenerate and doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going into labor. If you’re concerned you should call your doctor.
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  • Thank you! I’ve left her a message but her hours are not great and she’s a tough woman to get ahold of.
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  • You had intercourse.  Its discharge.  Even if mucus plug, it means nothing, unless you are having consistent contractions.  
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    It’s probably semen honestly. 
  • @harpseal135 hahaha! Apparently I skimmed over that detail. Yeah, that would definitely cause some discharge.
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