2nd Trimester

Feeling full all the time?

Hi! I'm almost 16 weeks pregnant and feeling so full all the time. Almost like I just ate thanksgiving dinner - and it's very uncomfortable. Any ideas to help this? Or anyone experience the same thing ?

Re: Feeling full all the time?

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    Hi @kailyn2108 - I sometimes get this feeling too, just in the last couple of weeks (I'm 21w now). I apologize if this is TMI (is there such thing as TMI on a pregnancy forum though?) But for me I think it had to do with pregnancy constipation. I am finding that making an effort to drink more water and eat more fiber seems to be helping. Might be worth a shot? 
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    I actually started drinking lemon water because I had the same symptom. It helped a ton!! I obviously wasn’t as full as I seemed. I bloat super easy too, and this helped. 
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