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Allergies during pregnancy

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Hello Mamas,
I'm having a bout of allergic rhinitis and it looks like most of the meds aren't safe during pregnancy according to my doc. My cough is really bothersome and is keeping me up at nights. I'm doing all home remedies like ginger tea, steaming etc but they don't seem to help much. Do you'll have any suggestions? Thanks in advance 😊

Re: Allergies during pregnancy

  • Hi! This would be a great addition to our monthly symptoms thread for March. I think you should talk to your OB or midwife. From my experience with allergies during pregnancy, it was recommended that I take Zyrtec. It has helped me a lot, but don’t take it before you ask your OB. You can probably call your OB office’s nurse line for an answer rather than waiting for your next appointment. I’ve always had allergies and one of the more “natural” remedies I’ve found is adding local honey to my diet every day. Tea, toast, even mixing it with peanut butter for a healthy dessert. My parents even bought a beehive for me when I was young that we harvested for my allergies every year. I’ve found some where I live now by asking around on social media. It takes time to work and you have to “take it” like medicine daily, but it really did knock out my allergies as a kid. 
  • @taylorharris0522 that is so cool that your parents had a beehive for your own local
    honey! I’ve always wondered how well using local
    honey for allergies worked but now I want to give it a try. 
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