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How many drs and nurses in delivery room?

First timer....super nervous about having people i don't know near me. Typically how many doctors nurses and other medical people are in your room during labor and delivery?

Re: How many drs and nurses in delivery room?

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    Both you and baby have a team. You’ll probably have 2 nurses and a doctor and resident or midwife. Baby will have 2 nurses and maybe a doctor. It’s definitely a full room. But honestly, you won’t even notice because they just come in when baby is ready to be popped out. It’s not like they stand in there and stare at you the whole time you’re in labor. 
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    Most of the time 0-2. When it’s go time you won’t care. And I’m some circumstances, like for cervical checks, you can ask for just the doctor or midwife to be there. Honestly your sense of modesty goes out the window pretty quickly.
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    Through labor it was a max of 2 nurse, nurse and doctor, nurse and anesthesia doc, then once crowning happens its an explosion of doctor, nurses, baby nurses, etc.  Honesyly the only reason I know there were 6 medical staff in the room when she was born was because my husband told me.  In all seriousness, they all have a part and are not staring at you continually.  They do this multiple times a day, every day.  
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    I had a nurse and my midwife and that was it. If you deliver at a teaching hospital there are often more people in the room. You really don’t care when you’re in labor. but if you only want essential people in the room you can let them know. 
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    When I was originally pushing it was just the midwife or the midwife and a nurse. 
    However after hours of pushing I had complications and that’s when more people needed to be in and out. When my son was born the room was full with who knows how many. But I was busy getting a baby pulled out of me so I wouldn’t have cared if they were broadcasting it live lmao
    it was harder the next two days with the frequent flow of nurses/doctors that came in to check/give meds/ask questions. But I was at a large teaching hospital. I didn’t care that they brought their students because they gotta learn somehow! 
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    I had one nurse and one midwife for most of my second labor. After a code was called during delivery, every medical professional on the floor was in my room. I was so deep inside myself and the task at hand that I didn’t even see them until after the baby was out, and even then I was only focused on my baby. They could have brought a clown in there, I would have bad no idea. 
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    While you're laboring - probably just a nursing coming in to check every now and again, and a doctor/midwife who will come check in every now and again. Once you're actively pushing, I had 2-4 nurses and a midwife I think - but honestly I was so focused I couldn't really tell you. It was more that I was excited about, but they got myself and baby safely through delivery. 
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    I had a nurse check on me periodically and a doctor and nurse came in every few hours. My labor did not progress after being induced so I was taken for a c section. Right before that there was a flurry of doctors and nurses, I got the epidural placed by the anesthesiologist, saw my midwife, had a few nurses in and out, and the OB who was doing the surgery came in to reassure me that we would be having a baby in a couple of hours.

    They let me sleep for a while so my OB could go home and put her daughter to bed then she came back and I was taken for the c section. I was 100% out of it in the OR so I don’t know how many people were there. Once it was all over and we were back in the room it was pretty quiet and they only came in when we needed them. 

    Throughout the night the nurses came in to check on my incision and to squeeze my uterus. Sounds weird, but they basically compress your belly to help excess blood come out and avoid infection. That happens throughout the first night and day after. After that you’re basically on your own until discharge. 
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    3 or 4 nurses and the doctor. My town is a college town and there is a nursing school here and with my first, students were present, so it was quite a crowd. I think you can say no but I figured they need to learn from somewhere.
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    When the doctor told me I was ready to push, a line of like, 10 people filed into the room. They were all busy doing their own thing (prepping stuff for the baby, setting up the bassinet where they'd put him, arranging medicines, turning on machines, etc). They took him right away to check him, wipe him down, put the ointment on his eyes and give him a vitamin K shot and then they popped him on my chest and left. It wasn't a big deal at all. The only people watching the birth were my OB, a nurse supporting one leg, and my partner supporting the other. It was a good thing we had a team in there because my son was stuck in my vagina and I had a hard time pushing him out. His pulse kept dropping with each contraction. I almost needed an emergency c-section and as soon as I saw them wheel the gurney in the room I freaked out, had a rush of adrenaline, and pushed him out. Nothing like a healthy dose of fear to move things along lol... all turned out well :) you won't notice the other medical staff. They've seen it all so don't worry about it.
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    I work in the medical field and I had them add a pop up note in my chart saying no residents, student RNs, or unnecessary staff. Just make sure you advocate for yourself in only wanting the mandatory amount of staff in the room. My chart also specifies that unless my baby needs medical intervention the wipe down, vitamin k shot, eye ointment can all wait. Now it's important to understand having that in your chart still mean when the time comes you/ your support person needs to stand up for yourself. And also understand that medical intervention might have to happen once baby is born for their safety.
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