New to this board! (Child mentioned and loss mentioned)

Hello! I apologize for the long post. This is my first time posting and I’m not entirely sure how much of my journey to post. So here goes😂 My husband and I are about a year and a half into fertility treatments for our second child. We have a two-and-a-half year old girl. We were able to get pregnant after one round of 150 clomid, without the trigger shot with her. When planning for our second, we did a few rounds of clomid with the Ovidrel trigger shot. After two failed rounds, l asked to be referred back to my fertility doctor. While attempting two more rounds, a large polyp was discovered on my uterus. After it was removed, the doctor recommended taking a break for a month to heal. In that month we conceived naturally. Unfortunately, we lost the baby at 6 weeks. So since then we did one round of clomid with the trigger shot, and after no pregnancy, l discussed with my doctor what our next steps would be if no pregnancy with another round. So, the plan is, if this current round of clomid and the shot do not work, then we’ll pursue other options. I had two mature follicles and a third that was close. My trigger shot was this Monday at 9:30am. I read on here that many women suggested testing out to see when Ovidrel was out of their system. Today is 5dp the shot and there is still a faint line. Like, I can hardly see it, but it’s there. Just looking for some insight on how long some of you have seen the line after your Ovidrel shot was given? Thank you for reading!!
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