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20 weeks dilation

I'm 20 weeks, 21 on Monday. This last week I've felt "Braxton hicks" &' put those in quotation marks as im not so sure that's what's happening. Last time I thought I was having Braxton hicks I was in labor at 34 weeks. Either way, I've had quite a few but not so many in an hour that bothers me. I kept losing pieces of my mucus plug, the Super stretchy/bouncy stuff. It's happened twice. I washed my hands &' decide to check myself. I'm atleast a 1 to a 1 1/2. I have been grieving the last week or 2. My grandpa passed away &' I loved him more than anything &' it has hit me HARD. I don't see my ob until Wednesday. Should I have him check me? I'm just worried of going into preterm labor again esp with everything that's going on.

Re: 20 weeks dilation

  • If you honestly think your dilated (which I think isn’t easy to tell on your own) you need to get off the internet and call your doctor ASAP!!! Loosing your mucus plug doesn’t mean anything, as it regenerates. And as for bh’s, I’ve had them already as well. However, my situation doesn’t influence yours at all. Please, please, call your doctor. 
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  • You can &' it's 100% not hard. But I also went to school to become a nurse &' didn't care for it so it might be easier to me, but yes this was posted last night. I only asked the internet as I waited for morning. I already went &' been seen. Yes I'm dilated. I will be sent in for NSTs &' cervical checks &' cervical length ultrasounds 2x a week to keep an eye on everything &' I go in if anything changes when I'm at home.
  • All you need to do is wash hands very thoroughly &' reach your fingers all the way to your cervix opening &' with each finger tip you can fit in. Equals 1cm. I'm 1 1/2. As I figured👍🏼 Thanks tho lol.
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