do you trust your IVF doctor? (warning- IVF failure)

I'm 42 with 2 failed rounds of IVF but great egg production and hormone levels.
I want to do donor eggs because I'm so old, and I've lost faith in my eggs, and my insurance *might* pay for at least the parts that are not related to buying the eggs as long as I do it before I turn 43 which is SOON. (I would do this in the most ethical/science-guided way possible, open identity, etc).

My doctor keeps trying to discourage me from donor eggs and get me to do more IVF. He keeps telling me it's so hard and so many hoops to jump through. I have jumped through basically all the hoops, but I'm having an issue with my uterus. I feel he's taking this opportunity, with the uterus issues, to keep trying to persuade me to do IVF and I just can't help but be suspicious that he is motivated by money because i have good insurance. I get that if I was not willing to do donor eggs, I look like a good candidate for more IVF because of my numbers. But I would for sure not do more IVF if my insurance wasn't willing to pay for it.

I don't really have time to find a new doctor because of the age thing, and everyone says he's a great doctor... I'm not sure what to say to him without being a jerk, but I'm a bit worried he's going to mess things up for me somehow so I'll lose my eligibility for donor egg coverage, since time is of the essence. I don't really know what to do.
XOX to anyone else who's going through this bullshit.

Re: do you trust your IVF doctor? (warning- IVF failure)

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    I am sorry to know you are not happy with your doc. You might ask him about your chances for success with IVF, how much time you will need, and how much it will cost you. Ask same question as to IVF DE. Asking the questions might help you compare treatments and understand whether your doc is open with you. You might also want to dig deeper into IVF DE (in my opinion, this treatment might be more successful in your situation), and I recommend reading (even uploading) a free online magazine on They are running the project where you can win free IVF DE at this moment. Hope this helps, good luck!

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