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Sleep and Naptimes

I have an almost two week old boy. I know it’s too early for any set routine. He has hit past his birth weight and the pediatrician said we are okay to no longer wake for night feedings. He’s still waking up every 3 hours on his own. Should we still wake for feeding during day? We’ve still been waking him every 3 hours.

Re: Sleep and Naptimes

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    I would feed during the night when the baby wakes on its own. I began to do that in the 3rd week, so not far off. Once my little one went 5 hours before waking to be fed, and it was nice to have that bit of extra uninterrupted sleep. 
    I have began feeding every 4 hours, but then during the night just let the LO wake me up to say when that feeding will be. Once he began to drink more and was passed the birth weight, the time in between can go further, which was great to hear from my pediatrician (I needed the sleep)!
    Even the 4 hours during the day becomes a little skewed because I let him sleep, but then I choose to wake him if we're going on 5 hours, during the day. Enjoy that sleep at night though :)
  • If you’re breastfeeding I would wake to feed every three hours for sure.otherwise your milk supply might drop off.
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  • I should have mentioned I am a formula feeder. What knottie said is a good point as when I was trying to kickstart my body to produce milk (premie baby), once I began to go longer without using the pump (Horrible nipple pain when trying to force your body to produce!) What little colostrum I did get went away when not every 3 hours. So I encourage that if your breastfeeding should extra consider what she said. 
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