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GTKY Tuesday 3/15

When you were a kid what was your favorite game? (Red-Rover, freeze tag, card games, etc.)

Re: GTKY Tuesday 3/15

  • When I was REALLY little I always loved that big rainbow tarp thing with handles on all the sides! It was so much fun to me, running under and seeing the sky turned into rainbow cloth!

    As I grew up I really loved games like Pictionary and other board games that weren’t really board games. 
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    I have weirdly never really been a game person. My parents never played anything growing up and my childhood asthma hated games like tag 😆 sometimes my cousins and I would play cops and robbers and I did enjoy that!
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  • @taylorharris0522 Omg the rainbow parachute from PE!! So fun. 

    I loved board games so most of those were fun! 
  • 90% of my games as a kid were in the pool lol. We loved categories and any kind of racing competition. As far as non-pool games, my sister and I would make up games all the time and they usually involved strapping a pillow to ourselves and running at each other head on. Or Uno 😂
  • Mario party on the PlayStation.
  • @skc040512 that pillow game made me laugh!
    My siblings and I played “town” where we would all use chalk to draw a town and roads on my parents’ driveway.  We would ride our scooters through the chalk roads and we each had our own “business” drawn on the ground. Randomly whichever sibling was mayor for the day would yell “curfew!” And you had seconds to pretend to be asleep in your chalk business. What a bunch of weirdos but we had so much fun. 
  • Heads-up-seven-up was my favorite school aged kid game! I have fond memories of playing Rummikub with my Grandaddy at holidays. Always loved Scattergories too and Cards Against Humanity. 
  • My family was pretty big into board games and video games. We played a lot of Mario Party and Clue. 

    I also loved parachute days at school! I’ve never been very athletic so that was more my speed! Lol!
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