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WTO Monday 3.14

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Re: WTO Monday 3.14

  • Month/Cycle: 3/3

    CD: 1 (assuming AF arrives today :| )

    WAYDTGKU: OPKs, temping, HIU, lifestyle improvements

    R/R: I've been in TWW hell. My temps bounced around above the coverline all weekend and sent me on an emotional rollercoaster. I had my true temp drop below the coverline this AM and I'm willing AF to arrive at this point so we can get on with it already.

    CS/Q: No. 
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  • @mrsmtothek ugh. I’m in WTO hell. I feel your pain. WTF is happening?! 

    Month/Cycle: 3/3

    CD: 23


    R/R: I’m still here… 🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s going to be a busy week, but I’m hoping I can keep up with everything. Working on my March Madness bracket today during school while my student teacher is teaching. Lol

    CS/Q: finally saw a temp shift today. Hoping that means I O’d and my OPK missed it. 

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  • Moana from The Untold Story

    @ejoseph16 AF *just* arrived. I'm sending you all the good juju that O happened with that spike!!! Hurry up already!
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  • Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD: 4

    WAYDTGKU: Will be doing IVF

    R/R: I will finally have genetic testing drawn on Wednesday! DH will too. hopefully the results come back quickly! 

    CS/Q: Not needed for me 
    Spoiler for History 

    Me - 30 DH - 32

    April 2009 - 8+ week MC
    January 2012 - BFP - DS Born 10/21/2012
    May 2013 - BFP - Twins MMC @ 13 weeks D&C
    Oct 2013 -  BFP MC @ 6 weeks
    Dec 2013 -  BFP  DD Born 8/16/14 - Cholestasis at 36+5
    Nov 2016 - BFP MC @ 6 weeks
    Dec 2016 - BFP  DD Born 6/19/17 @ 28+4 Severe Pre-E, IUGR, Cholestasis 
    Nov 2017 - BFP MC @ 6 weeks
    Jan 2017 - BFP MC @ 6 weeks
    Jan 2019 - BFP MC @ 6 weeks
    DH Vasectomy Aug 2019
    Feb 2022 - TTC #4 with IVF - RPL testing
    Protein C and S Deficiency - Blood Thinners for Treatment - Maybe we don't know!
    June 2022 - IVF - 2 embryos - 1 transfered 6/22/22 - Transfer Failed
    July 2022 - FET

  • @mrsmtothek ugh cycle day 1. Although I guess when that TWW is getting annoying with BFNs and weird temps, cycle day 1 tends to be a relief.

    @ejoseph16 fingers crossed for O, cause it looks like you'd have had some good timing!

    @mambo5-2 hoping for the best possible (and also speedy) results for you and YH!

    Month/Cycle: 7/7

    CD: 11


    R/R: This time change is awful. I'm so tired today. On the bright side, moving day is coming up quick, and I'm just so ready to be in our new place already. Also, this is hopefully FW so hoping the time change exhaustion doesn't get the better of us lol

    CS/Q: Nope
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