2nd Trimester

Still with symptoms

I am 15 weeks and still throwing up! It should be getting better right?!?! Anyone else still have lingering symptoms? I just want to feel normal again.

Re: Still with symptoms

  • I am sorry that you are still not feeling well.  When I was pregnant, I threw up multiple times a day for most of my first and second trimester.  Hopefully you will start feeling better soon.  You got this!!  
  • Thank you! I am really hoping for that as well.
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  • It may subside, it may not.  I know a person who was sick, threw up every day through both pregnancies.  The only thing that alleviated it was birth.  So hopefully that doesn't happen to you, but just know it could.  
  • I’m still so sick also the only way I feel ok is if I chew mint gum all day and especially after every meal or I start to dry heave. I’m really hopping it gets better.
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