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Brown discharge with placenta previa

I was recently told I have a low lying placenta, I am 13 weeks and have had brown clots and discharge since Tuesday evening. Dr’s said baby is alive and healthy per ultrasound 2 days ago. I have no cramping just slight abdominal tightness and I’m not sure what is or is not normal with a low lying placenta. Has anyone experienced this? how long did it last? And did you go in to have a healthy pregnancy?

Re: Brown discharge with placenta previa

  • I had the same thing at 16 weeks little brown discharge with tiny clots, since its my 1st ever pregnancy after 6 yrs ttc so i was totally paranoid and scared, went to ER, everything was normal my dr also said that i had low lying placenta and it will be normal after few weeks when baby grows, i had this spotting 2 days, everything is normal now Thanks to God, Im 24 weeks now, but still after that episode I am being paranoid every day checking every time I wipe. So don’t worry sometimes it happens don’t think about it much just try to relax and calm yourself. 
  • Hi there! I was recently told that I have full placenta previa where the placenta is covering my whole cervix. I had an episode of major bleeding at 11 weeks and also ended up in the ER, where they told me baby was healthy. It scared me so much, as this is also my first pregnancy, but was just told to rest and avoid any type of exercise until the bleeding stopped. I ended up experiencing brown discharge for about 4 weeks after the bleeding incident and was sent for an ultrasound to check my cervix, which is when they discovered the full previa. I’m now 19 weeks and will need to have a c-section at 38 weeks unless the placenta migrates as baby gets bigger. I’m also not allowed to do any exercise or have sex for the duration of the pregnancy. I totally relate to your paranoia, I check for bleeding and spotting every time I wipe now, even though it’s been weeks since I’ve seen anything. Hope everything keeps going smoothly for you, and congratulations on your first baby! :)
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  • Struggling with this at 21 + 2 weeks. Fresh blood sent me to ER followed by old brown blood. They said low lying and baby was kicking it. Everything was healthy but lost all my confidence and am anxious when wiping.
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