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Maternity Bathing Suits

In my first pregnancy it was winter so I didn't think about this at all. But now I'll be pregnant right through the summer and live very near a beach. There's a few things about maternity clothes I still don't really get. 
I'll be growing and changing shape so much over this time frame - do most people buy more than one maternity bathing suit as they get bigger? Do most people do this with all maternity wear? The last time I was pregnant was also the initial covid lockdown. I couldn't have gone shopping if I wanted to, and it seemed there was no point so I just stole a bunch of hubbie's clothes. I'm also not much for fashion and shopping so I don't really know stuff about this anyways. 
Interested to hear thoughts from other women!

Re: Maternity Bathing Suits

  • @chefbex my first pregnancy was also a winter baby, so no I didn't buy a maternity bathing suit. This time around baby is due in August, so I probably will buy one. Honestly, if you buy the right sized suit you really only need one the entire time because it should expand with your stomach... unless you think you'll be going swimming more often than you can wash it. Personally, I'll probably just order an inexpensive one off of Amazon. I don't really see the need to invest in a ton of expensive maternity specific clothing so most of what I have is second hand (e.g. Poshmark), inexpensive (e.g. Amazon), or bought on sale. The nice thing about a summer baby is you can get away with wearing dresses so you may not even need to buy all that much. 
  • coldlife2coldlife2 member
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    A bathing suit should fit the entire pregnancy, the same way most maternity clothes should. They typically have some extra length and width in front, ruched along the sides, and it just stretches. It works the same way a knit/stretchy dress or t-shirt does. 
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  • kat_vegan87kat_vegan87 member
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    I bought a loose tankini top. It’s really flattering and I’ll be able to wear it post baby :) 
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