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Evap lines or false positives?? HELP

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Hi everybody. I’ve had quite an odd experience this last month TTC and need some opinions.
Late November I had my mirena IUD removed which caused my cycles for December and January to be very irregular from my pre-iud cycle of 30 days (40 days and 38 days).
On January 31st I had the first day of my period and it ended feb 6th. I have been tracking using the flo app. Around the time the app predicted ovulation (feb 20th) I was getting negative LH levels on tests. I had practically no CM, was moody, and had somewhat more frequent urination than usual. I also had a pin head amount of light pink spotting only once when wiping on the 24th and didn’t spot again. I decided to take an FRED on feb 25th and got a faint line. It was not like evaps I had seen before, and was constant no matter how I looked at it but was definitely not convincing enough to be sure. I waited until the next day and took the second test and got a darker line on that one (there was obvious pigment to the line when looking at it).
After that, I was convinced I was pregnant (same results happened with my first pregnancy) and also started having breast swelling and tenderness, white creamy discharge the days following.
On march 3rd, I woke up to cramps and heavy bleeding. I was heart broken but I know it can happen when it’s this early. I called the doc to see if I needed to do anything and they requested I go get a blood test. I went in that same day (march 3rd) for the test and got my results that night.
The blood test came back at less than 2 miu/ml. My doc and I were both very confused, as my levels should have been higher.
Anyways, I’m posting this novel to hopefully find someone who has had a similar experience? I’ve had no symptoms of a UTI (that I’m aware of) and am not currently taking medications or fertility treatment. I’m not sure if this is a phantom pregnancy and doc is very sure this was not a chemical pregnancy. Indent/evap lines???
Thank you for reading, any and all insight appreciated!!
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