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i get exhausted at the same time everyday. I can’t tell if my body is used to the 3pm nap or if my body needs it. I’m on day three of forcing myself to NOT nap and I’m wiped out! Anyone else having this issue. I heard this trimester was supposed to get my energy back lol. 

Re: Tired…

  • darkrose88darkrose88 member
    edited March 2022
    @stefaniey83 this has been a big topic of discussion on our March Symptom thread. I've definitely got some energy back since entering second tri, but honestly am just more tired overall since before I was pregnant, and considering we are growing a human, it'll probably stay that way for awhile.

    I see you're new to the August board! I'd recommend introducing yourself and jumping into some of our weekly threads so we get to know you better. People tend to not respond as often to one off threads since they are usually topics we've discussed in our other threads. 

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