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I'm a FTM so I'm not positive but I swear I'm feeling movement already at 15 weeks. Could it be possible?? Doesn't feel like any sort of gas I've ever felt before. Little flutters! 
Is it too early to feel the baby move? 

Re: Movements?

  • It’s often 16-20 weeks, and usually a little on the later end of that range for 1st time moms, however some second + time moms have mentioned feeling the baby sooner than that. Every pregnancy is a little different, and average isn’t the same for everyone, hence average. In the Big Giant Question thread or ask a Second time mom thread, you may get more responses to all the questions that pop up, since more people check them than new single topic threads. :) I’m 14 weeks and can’t wait to feel him move!!😍

    Please introduce yourself in the introduction thread, so we can get to know you! You can learn more about the board in the “read before posting” thread! If you change your username, we can tag you in response a little easier as well! :) Welcome! 
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  • @twizzleraddict1 YGPM. Last one I swear. 😎
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