Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Dr said, “Great news! You’re miscarrying!”

I have had a rough week. I had a funny feeling about this pregnancy that I tried to shrug off and have only ‘happy, positive’ feelings because I was afraid of being pessimistic. Sadly, I woke up with terrible pain about a week ago and I knew something was very wrong. Went to the ER and after a sonogram they informed me that they thought it was an ectopic pregnancy. When the doctor came in the room, I couldn’t look at him without crying so I was watching the heart monitor instead. When he gave me the news, I saw my heart go from having steady blips to shaky waves going down, down, down. I could see the hurt I was feeling inside. 
I was rushed to the hospital where the OBGYN told me she was sure what was wrong, only that there was a mass the size of a tennis ball on my left ovary but she was pretty sure it was an ectopic pregnancy. My HCG levels had plummeted and they rushed me to the OR for emergency surgery. I wasn’t scared because I was making my peace and inwardly I said goodbye to the baby that was still in the process of forming. 
When I awoke the surgery staff said that it was not ectopic but a ruptured cyst. They were so excited to tell me that my baby may still be ok, despite the procedure. After my surgery it was discovered that my HGC levels were starting to rise again. The doctors determined that (I had two periods, two weeks apart) I had conceived two babies, one was two weeks older than the other. They were sure we lost the older one but for a minute there it looked like the younger one might be ok. Sadly, today we discovered that the younger one is no longer thriving. I found out from a voicemail left by my doctor who started by saying, “Good news!! Your HCG levels are super low, you are successfully miscarrying!” 
I am feeling so lost. 

Re: Dr said, “Great news! You’re miscarrying!”

  • Urgh. I’m so sorry. That Dr should have been a lot more sensitive. First of all, that type of message should have never, ever, ever been left on a voicemail. Second, although I can see how a physician may feel that a miscarriage may be less complicated/dangerous than an ectopic pregnancy, they should never say, “good news”. I hope you told the doc how their message made you feel. I’m a physician, so I understand & appreciate the circumstances, but this is unacceptable in my opinion & im sorry it happened to you. I hope the Dr took it as a learning opportunity not to make the same mistake again.
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